the amazons @oslo, hackney – supported by tibet, hello operator


The first band of the evening was Tibet, who are from Cardiff. I discovered these guys a month or so ago on Spotify and have been soo excited to see live,  and they were amazing! Each song was so catchy, and the band were having a ball, so you couldn’t help but dance. If you haven’t heard Tibet before, I’d recommend listening to “I’ll Put You In My Pocket”. Tickets are available to their next London gig here – bound to be a great night!
Tibet were shortly followed by Hello Operator, a four piece from York. I must admit, I’d not listened to these guys before the gig, but they were definitely a great live act. Singer Max Dalton gave a ferocious, snarling delivery to big choruses and the tunes absolutely kicked ass. Free tickets are available to their next London gig here.
After two impressive openers, the Amazons took the stage and Oslo erupted. It was great to see the band feed off the crowd’s energy and vice versa – there wasn’t a soul in the room that wasn’t bouncing around with a huge grin on their face. For me, the peak of their performance was their new track “In My Mind”, which has been stuck on repeat on my Spotify for weeks now! Very excited to see what the next year will bring for these boys.


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